How to Join the fantastic journey of Kipinä Kids

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Successful franchisees usually have some of these attributes

  • Business or management experience, or an entrepreneurial background
  • Education leadership experience in any sector (K12, primary, university, language schools or in-house corporate training)
  • Strong connections to your community
  • Evangelical about the importance of Early Childhood Education and making a difference in the lives of children
  • Good moral character placing high value of honesty, transparency and accountability
  • Marketing, advertising, social media or sales knowledge
  • Self-disciplined and able to implement and follow systems
  • Takes a long-term view and follows up with commitments 
  • Has sufficient financial resources



The initial franchise or territory fee covers all the services Kipinä provides to you in planning, designing, setting up your school and training your staff. You can see the full list of what's included here. This fee also includes granting you an exclusive franchise zone around your preschool for an initial period of ten years, which can be extended up to fifty years in total.

The Franchise Fee varies depending on your country and city, and the size of territory granted. It also depends on whether you are opening a single Kipinä preschool or multiple Kipinä Preschools. Find out more about these options here.


Royalties are a percentage of all student fees you collect (gross revenue.)

Royalties cover the progressive and  continuous development of the Kipinä brand, academic program, tools and resources and allow us to provide you with the best support and assistance when you need it - including help with training, operations, marketing, and procurement. 

Royalties also contribute to our costs of services for the technical tools we provide, such as online resources, our online academy, software, apps and cloud-based services.

Royalties are 7% for individual schools and 6% for franchisees who operate multiple Kipinä preschools.


Common costs of opening a preschool include renovation or construction, depending on whether you are building a new school on a greenfield site or renovating an existing commercial or residential building. 

In addition you will need to factor fitout and furnishing costs, including internal and external play structures, classroom furniture and resources, CCTV and other technology.

You will also need to have reserve funds to cover at least six months of operating expenses after your school opens - while you are increasing your occupancy rate.



For a single preschool consisting of a renovated property of approximately 500m2, the investment may be approximately $400,000 to $500,000 in a western country, or around $250,000 in a developing country.


A single purpose-built preschool should have a minimum size of 1000m2 (under roof) with additional land area for gardens and play structures. Average construction costs may vary from USD $600 to $1,500 per square metre depending on the country.