Kipinä offers Single-school or Multi-school (area developer) franchises

on a case-by-case basis we consider Joint Ventures with Established Companies in the Education or Property Sectors

For quality control reasons we do not permit sub-franchising. Therefore we do not offer Master Franchises. Our franchise partners own and operate their schools to ensure the highest standards in all countries.


single school

 Franchisees get a generous exclusive territory for their preschool and have 18 months to open.

A franchise (territory) fee for a single school starts at €45,000*

* This fee is increasing to €55,000 from 01 June 2024. Only partners who contract before that date can benefit from the old price.

area developer

Area Developers can secure a city, province or small country but must commit to opening multiple Kipinä preschools within an agreed time frame.

An Area Developer franchise (territory) fee depends on many factors and is usually paid in part on contracting with additional payments as schools are opened.