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Our mission is to ignite that spark in children to foster lifelong learning, critical thinking, independent enquiry and empathy.  The best time to do this is when children are under the age of six. 

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You don't have to know the education sector. If you understand business and innovation you can bring your skills to opening and managing a successful Kipinä Preschool.


Principals and Teachers make great leaders and successful business owners when they combine their love of teaching with providing quality services to parents.

Property Developers

Kipinä works with property developers to add our preschools to your residential and commercial developments using a franchise or co-investing JV model.

Existing schools

If you want to add a Kipinä Preschool to your existing primary or secondary school, or you want to rebrand your nursery or kindergarten we have a proven value-adding model.

What Our Partners Think

Sudino Lim Kipina Licensee Indonesia

Sudino Lim

CEO Kipinä Indonesia

Working with Kipinä has been a great pleasure. Kipinä brings the highest standards and best international practices across all areas from project management to design to teacher training and marketing.

The directors are experts and are always happy to share their knowledge. They have been beside us every step of the way and share our commitment to Indonesia and our excitement in having already opened 5 beautiful successful Kipinä campuses with another 4 opening by mid 2024. Our schools are fully subscribed and our staff retention is exemplary.

Imane Boucharra Kipina Franchisee Morocco

Imane Boucharra

Director, Morocco

We are thrilled to be part of the big Kipinä family. Since day one, Kipinä directors took charge of our project and supported us every step of the way, from developing the architectural plans, internal design, the list of suppliers, internal processes, marketing strategies to the full Curriculum and lessons plans - being part of the Kipinä family is the best choice we have made. Our school reached full capacity very fast.

Muzaffar Ismayilov

Managing Director, Baku, Azerbaijan

Our journey with Kipinä began in 2019. This partnership has been a catalyst for transformation, not only for our kindergarten but also for the families we serve.

Upon collaborating with Kipinä, we revitalised our existing facility to align with their high standards, creating a stimulating and nurturing learning environment. The professional training provided by HAME University to our teachers has been a cornerstone in elevating our educational offerings.

The resilience and adaptability shown during the COVID-19 pandemic, with Kipinä's unwavering support and resources, allowed us to continue delivering quality education, even remotely. This period underscored the strength and effectiveness of the Kipinä model.

The response from parents has been incredibly positive. They are excited and confident about sending their children to our Kipinä-partnered kindergarten. Their trust in us has grown, seeing the enriched learning environment and the comprehensive education we provide. This trust is reflected in our full capacity operations and the extensive waiting list for admissions.

Encouraged by this success, we are now actively working on opening a second branch. This expansion is a testament to our belief in the Kipinä approach and its transformative impact on early childhood education.

Our journey with Kipinä Kids has been remarkable. The blend of professionalism, support, and innovation from Kipinä, coupled with the enthusiastic feedback from parents, has been key to our success. 

Amaal Al Somalia

Director, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

I am so glad to be part of Kipinä. Every step of our business, from programs to training our staff, marketing and operations is supported by corporate.

I decided to invest in Kipinä as the Finnish Education program is the best in the word, and I wanted this program to be part of the different education programs available in Saudi.  

This education model - making kids learn and have fun at the same time, making a meaningful impact in my community, (coupled with a good business model), made Kipinä the perfect partners for me.

Shiraz Belhassan

Director, Rabat, Morocco

My experience with the Kipinä franchise has exceeded expectations. The brand stands out for its unwavering support and commitment to franchisee growth.

Contacting the directors and obtaining support has been remarkably easy, reflecting their accessibility and dedication.

The tools and resources provided have been instrumental in optimising various aspects of the school, from curriculum development to HR and finances.

The training offered by Kipinä is comprehensive, covering diverse areas such as class management and curriculum design and character development and comes in handy on day to day management tasks.

The tone of our interactions is notably friendly, fostering a collaborative and comfortable atmosphere. The directors' motivation is palpable, and their eagerness to share their wealth of experience contributes significantly to the success and continuous improvement of the franchise. Together, we have been able to open an innovative and successful first school in Rabat.

Delia Ionele

Managing Director, Timisoara, Romania

When we started our journey we wanted to set high standards for our kindergarten. We found Kipinä and immediately realised we share the same values and goals.

Kipinä gave us a lot of support in preparations, training materials and setting up our facility which has helped us become a very “cool kindergarten” in our city.

Kipinä managers are always supporting us and are problem solvers with simple yet efficient solutions.

 Our children love the Kipinä curricula, and enjoy LEARNING THROUGH PLAY.  Our parents are excited by the progress of their children.

 We are happy to be in the Kipinä family!

Join the Kipinä Family

Demand for quality education has never been higher, consider: more working mums in dual income nuclear families, rapid urbanisation, rising household incomes, government subsidies, and a growing realisation that the most important time to make a positive difference in a child's education and acadmic life is before the age of six.

It's no wonder then that entrepreneurs and educators appreciate the elegance of Kipinä's truly international, multilingual, child-focused but teacher-guided curriculum - built on the celebrated strength of Finland's teacher training.

In a world full of cookie-cutter, more-of-the-same preschool franchises, Kipinä stands out for its quality-over-quantity philosophy, its careful and rigorous support for our partners and a commitment to offering the absolute best early childhood education to our parents.