# 1 Enhanced Finland Curriculum 
for All Countries

Globalised Finnish Curriculum (in English)

A world's-best, fully-up-to-date, globalised Finnish curriculum, ready for use in any country. Prepares kids for all K-12 environments (incl. British and American). 

Integrated smart Weekly lesson plans for all age groups from 4 months to 6 years.

time-Saving Teacher's App

No more paper diaries, attendance sheets, multiple apps. Our elegant and simple Teacher App makes lesson planning a breeze, takes attendance with the touch of a finger, and allows teachers to communicate directly with parents - sending instant updates, photos, videos, and messages. 

Easy-to-Use Management Software

Use any browser to access our cloud-based, secure management software. Store student records, medical histories, academic performance data, financial summaries. It's so easy to use it takes staff less than 30 minutes to get used to it.

Real-Time Mobile App for Parents

It's like a Facebook feed, personalised on every parent's mobile phone; showing their child's activities throughout the day - reporting feeding, toileting and sleeping times, info on their child's mood, and text messages, audio notes, photos and videos that parents can share on their own social media accounts. 

Best Practice Operations Manuals

Carefully documented Policy and Procedures documents, Staff Handbooks, Emergency Plans, and an Operations Manual that's so comprehensive you'll by running the best nursery in town.

University Accredited Teacher-Training + Onsite Workshop

Your teachers and assistant teachers will have access to our modern teacher training program and will learn the Finnish pedagogy validated through our partners Häme University, Finland. Followed by a workshop onsite at your school before you open.

Complete Branding

We take away all the guesswork by providing you with our Start-Up Guide, full design elements for every classroom, piece of furniture, IT, shade cloth, paint colour, playground ... and we direct you to the vendors so you can source everything at the best price.

Website, Social Media & Email Setup

Within 48 hours we'll have your website and social media sites up and running and ready to begin pre-marketing even while you are finalising your property. Not only that, we pay for hosting and maintaining your website.

Design by Architect

When you find a property you want to renovate, or if you have plans for a new building, our trusted architect will either draft your first set of plans or provide detailed feedback on your architect's plans to help get your design perfect and save you money.

World Class Academic Program

Successful Model

Established Brand

Stand out from the crowd with the most celebrated education in the world

Kipinä is the fastest growing full-franchise international Finnish nursery and preschool concept in the world! 

The leading Finland preschool model with a unique Finnish Early childhood Education curriculum suitable for all day nursery schools, kindergartens, play schools. We've taken the best Finland approach and customised it so t is suitable for use in any country. If you want to start your own nursery or preschool we give you A to Z support.

The program can be taught in any language.

We help you get the program approved in your country.

The program works in all cultures and religions.

You decide your own opening times and hours.

You decide the prices for your nursery or preschool.

You will need to use Kipinä as your business name.

You cannot mix the program with another curriculum or approach.

Exclusive protected territories for up to 35 years

Suited for Villas or Purpose-Built schools

How much investment is required?

Kipinä is a full-brand franchise. That means all Kipinä nurseries and preschools have similar interior designs, fit out, surfaces, colours and resources. Franchisees must invest reasonable capital prior to opening. As a general guide for a renovated villa school of around 500 square metres for 100 kids your start-up costs (excluding leasehold improvements, marketing, operational costs, and territory fee) may be:

$90,000 to more than $200,000

What's included in your franchise?

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    Curriculum (ages 4 months to 6 years)
  • check
    Weekly Lesson Plans (ages 4 months to 6 years)
  • check
    Teacher Training for up to 5 staff certified by Häme University of Applied Sciences (Finland)
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    Onsite Teacher Training Workshop
  • check
    Preschool Management Software
  • check
    Teacher Mobile App
  • check
    Parent Mobile App
  • check
    Annual Curriculum Updates
  • check
    Annual Lesson Plan Updates
  • check
    Ops Docs, P&P, Emergency Plan, Staff Guide
  • check
    Classroom Resource List
  • check
    Procurement Resources
  • check
    Classroom Layout Plans
  • check
    Architect Designs
  • check
    Website, Emails, Social media set up
  • check
    Marketing Resources Library
  • check
    Guidance & Support from Academic Director​​​​
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    Assistance with recruitment
  • check
    Manager Training

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