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Lynn Brucker

Kipina was born because of Lynn’s experiences building a variety of schools and living and working in the Middle East for the past 12 years and her passion for wanting to give back. The current state of the global education sector propelled her to tap into her own innovative nature and engage like-minded people, to come together, with their different skill sets and create a brand new approach to early year’s education. Her mission is to create curious, creative, confident independent learners that will become a new generation of innovators and entrepreneurs. Her goal is to make Kipina a global brand and to reach as many young people with it around the world as possible. Lynn has over 25 years of experience in Canada, Asia Pacific and MENA in international consulting. Lynn has spent the past 10 years in the education sector and has supported several educational start-up programs from universities, colleges, vocational training and K-12 schools.