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Ali Irfan

Kipina’s growth in the UAE is attributed to Ali, who was the first investor in the concept of Kipina. With an MBA from Yale an undergraduate degree from Wharton and many successful years in the corporate world, Ali felt a strong call back to his roots in entrepreneurship after the birth of his son Shershah. Ali’s mission was to invest in education enterprises with a unique proposition coupled with high returns. He spent a couple of years studying the market in the UAE and the various education providers and decided to partner with Kipina’s founders to build Kipina’s across the globe. Ali has 18 years’ experience mostly in senior management positions for globally renowned Telecommunications-Media- Technology firms and has previously worked as a strategy consultant in the US market. He is an entrepreneur at heart and has proven expertise in New Business Development, Corporate Strategy, and has successfully managed P&L’s valued at over $50 Million.