Territory Fees & Royalties

At only 5% of annual revenue, Kipina saves you between 40 to 60%* compared to other international education franchises, while giving you significantly more resources and support!

A Kipinä franchise gives you an exclusive territory for up to 35 years!

A territory for an individual nursery or preschool is defined by mutual agreement and may be defined as a suburb, an area designated on an official map, or a certain amount of radial kilometres from a landmark or gps co-ordinates. We’ll work it out.

Master Franchisees may take a city-wide, state-wide, or country-wide  territory and may open as many Kipinä nurseries or preschools as they wish, or sub-franchise to other parties on their own commercial terms. But a Master Franchisee must always open the first nursery or preschool in their territory themselves.

The territory fee depends on many factors. Please contact us for specific rates for the area you are interested in.

*Kidzee 20-22%, Bachpan 20%, Eurokids 25-30%, Treehouse 15%, Shemrock 15%, Little Millennium 15%, Kangaroo Kids 14%, Abacus 20%, Maple Bear 20%, Little Einsteins 10%